Edyeliz . Colombian . queens, nyc

blogging all started off as a hobby, i would get stopped in the street and people began to tell me, "you should do youtube your personality fits perfect for it" i raised an eyebrow and said ehhh i dont know, then i took a leap of faith and dove right in. 

As for the fashion portion of my blog, at first my page was focused mainly on curly hair suggestions, I would attend events and started showing my outfits and people would like my style asking me where I shop. I started doing a mixture of both because in all reality I am more then just curly hair. 

it was always interesting to see how although i am afro-latina it was always an issue if my hair was curly, many would consider it a "mess" i made sure i embraced my curls despite the harsh remarks or better yet opinions individuals had. thanks to that, it allowed me to have my curls flourish and here i am today, so in actuality i benefited at the end of the day.  

I genuinely like to help others that are in the journey of being natural and loving their curls, its a beautiful sight to see. i also like to show women that it is okay to look stylish without having to break the bank and add an edge to their look. 

Take a glimpse of my world, enjoy!

xoxo Edgy