Hello, Welcome back! if this is your first time, welcome get comfortable!

My name is Edyeliz Ibarra, but almost everyone calls me Edgy, I have been a content creator for the past 3 years. At first the main focus of my page was to inspire natural curly haired women to embrace their well as give them suggestions of what products would work best for them. 

I continue to do so, yet now, I have incorporated more of my lifestyle into the mix. Every tuesday i Go to a new restaurant and try different meals, i like to call it #edgystastytuesday

I also give suggestions regarding where to book your hotel, air b n b and places you should check out while you're traveling.  

Due to that I have been able to collaborate and create campaigns with companies such as Palmers, Deva Curl, AT&T, Sephora & BET, Allure, Target, Essence Festival and also well as host events of my own.