Hey! Thank you for stopping by, I am Edyeliz Ibarra, but you can call me Edgy. I’m a Colombian-American Content Creator/Hair Model born and raised in Queens,NY.

Now that we got the basics out of the way let’s go down memory lane together, shall we? In January 2017, I took a leap of faith leaving my 9-5 and focusing on the brand that I created for the past 3 years which is @Curly.Edgy. At the same time I managed to attain my Bachelors in one year instead of two, majoring in Corporate Communications with a minor in Psychology.

Most of my friends call me a robot, why do you ask? I am constantly balancing a million and one things at the same time. Between family, friends, fitness, being a proud dog mom, squeezing in some precious hours of sleep, attending events, photoshoots, hosting events and most importantly creating content for my ridiculously amazing audience.


When I created my platform I wanted to show my journey of transitioning from damaged to healthy hair. I had no clue that with time, the amount of people I was going to not only encounter but as well inspire.

Before becoming a Content Creator, I would reach out to influencers and rarely got a response. I decided to create my own page and here we are today. I try to be as transparent as I possibly can, showing not only my success but also the struggles and losses. After all I am human right?

Currently my goal is to continue inspiring my audience of all ages encompassing characteristics of woman empowerment, travel adventures, lifestyle and spearheading the natural hair community not only in NYC but all around the world. While reminding women that their wildest dreams can become a reality. When you get a grip of your fears and transform it into motivation, beautiful things begin to happen.

xoxo Edgy