Hello, Welcome back!

if this is your first time, welcome and please get comfortable!

I am Edyeliz Ibarra, but almost everyone calls me EdgY. I reside in queens, NYC and come from colombian decent, I have been a content creator since 2014. At first the main focus of my page was to inspire natural curly haired women to embrace their hair. 

I continue to do so, yet now, I have incorporated more of my lifestyle into the mix. im a proud new yorker but traveling is how i keep my sanity, with that being said i will show you different locations you can visit while on vacation. i know im not the only Food lover here right? if you're ready to try new restaurants whether in nyc or in other countries then make sure to be on the look out for #edgystastytuesday


 My goal is to continue inspiring my audience of all ages encompassing characteristics of Latina empowerment, travel adventures, lifestyle and spearheading the natural hair community.