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Products are so essential to curly haired women now a days, we want to make sure that we are protecting our locks at all cost. I would be lying if I said that I don't get the urge to straighten my hair from time to time. With that being said, once I found out that Smooth N Shine had products that not only cater to all curly hair types, they also have a straight hair line that will help protect, nourish & strengthen your hair! 

If you ask me that is going to be a win-win situation! 


the options are endless!! from Anti-Breakage Lotion, Edge Smoothing Pomade, Straightening Polisher, Detangling Foam & even a Co-Wash!!! Let's break it down a bit why don't we?! 

This Anti-Breakage Lotion (as well as their other products) is enriched in Camellia Oil & Shea Butter. This binds your split ends which is considered 84% less damaging on the hair.  

Edge Smoothing Pomade - This product is going to tame and hydrate your hair into place. It's ingredients are Black Seed & Coconut Oil which also avoids frizz.

Next on the list is the Straightening Polisheryou can use this product on both wet or dry hair. Also has Black Seed & Coconut Oil, protecting your hair from heat damage, humidity and breakage. Let's face it, that is the last thing we need when we are trying to switch over to straight hair right?

Detangling Foam can nourish all hair types, detangle your hair, as well as preventing frizz (i also used a little bit of this before i did my roller set)

Last but certainly not least, the Co-wash! This is perfect to remove product build up. Ideally I use shampoo only once a week so this is a perfect way to replace shampoo throughout the week when you see it is your 4th day and your scalp is a tad bit itchy. It will do the same job as a shampoo just it is more gentle and won't strip your hair. 

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Fun Fact: Smooth n Shine is not new to the market, they have been around for some time now. THey had a totally different packaging which is why it probably looks so different to you! Before it was all strictly pink, black and clear bottles. Now THe curl and straight line Packaging are differentiated by color! which does make it easier to know what you're choosing right away. 

More than just the packaging they have more items that are going to cater to all the needs that your hair requires to look its best on a day to day basis! (As mentioned previously) 



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