Behind The Curls


Every woman that has curly hair has a story to tell, which is how Behind the Curls came to the light.

The first event we was created in 2015, alongside of Christina Vega and Flash Jada, giving women from the natural hair community an opportunity to interact with each other but at the same time get educated by a professional stylist Mona Baltazar


Our first event was in September 2016 with 75 attendees, right away our followers were asking for the next Behind the Curls. We managed to host the second event for February 2017, tickets were sold out within a week, there were over 200 attendees.

Every event provided snacks, beverages, goodie bags that were filled with hair products from our favorite brands, raffle tickets, professional photographers to take your pictures and of course a DJ creating a fun ambiance.

We also had an hour of Q & A with our guests, ensuring that they were getting the proper knowledge on how to maintain their curls. At the end of the event we presented a video giving our testimonial of our hair journey.

Thank you to every single person that came to our events, I appreciate you!