#Actually Influencing



My very good friend @cryscastles asked me if I wanted to be apart of a workshop with @girlsinc, where we speak to high school girls in different boroughs of NYC. During these workshops we take ask them what their dreams, goals and idols are. We then educate them on each of our journey’s and reassuring them that dreams really can come true, but it will take time, effort and dedication.


Giving back to the community is extremely important to me, the younger generation have access to everything with just a click of button on the internet. Although this can be a pro, it’s also important to engage in person, putting aside the social media and telling our truths. After all, they are the future.

By sharing our experiences and creating a bond, we wanted to have these young women recognize their qualities and talents they should be proud of. The first workshop we attended focused more on a vision book, where each teen included positive phrases and images that they wanted to manifest in their future.


Our second workshop, we gave these soon to be high school girls an honest insight of how each of us went to college, used our education and applied it to become Content Creators and Entrepreneurs.

I am so glad that Crystal has taken the time out to include us in these workshops, it truly is a humbling experience to know that young girls want to learn more on being the best version of themselves.