Let’s talk about my total obsession with this trampoline class. I’m sure that you’re probably already giving me the side eye with this post like “Nope, not doing it, I don’t have balance and I may fall.”

Trust me I thought the same thing, so what did I do? I convinced my friends to join me haha!


Let me introduce you to my fitness squad, Einslie, Katy, Stephanie, Erikat & Crystal. These ladies have been extremely dedicated with me, we all have the same mindset that we want to be our own fitness goals and be snatched and strong.

We all tried the TrampoLEAN class and now we are obsessed. They target different parts of your body to focus on depending on the class you sign up for. We tend to try out the glutes and legs class since we are trying to see those gains!

Trust me when I say you are going to SWEAT. It’s such a dope experience, Louis is such a great instructor, he challenges you and makes the class fun for sure.