Hiya fitness fam! Im glad you chose to take a second to read this blog post about spin classes.

Let me start off by saying, I swore that I wouldn’t ever consider trying cycling at one point, I heard enough horror stories that steered me away. I refused to believe the hype when I witnessed friends raving about cycling on Instagram.


Now look at me haha, I have genuinely taken an interest in including The Monster Cycle classes twice a month.

Once you enter the studio leave the daily concerns behind you, cycle to music, watch music videos on the screen and burn those calories. Lastly, they ALWAYS have great deals, for example I purchased a 10 pack for $100, meanwhile a single class cost $33, but if it’s your first time it’s $15.


Let me introduce you to my lovely instructor @NikkiPebbles, her energy is amazing, she’s so vibrant. I’m convinced she’s in my head every single time. When I’m considering to give up or settle, she reminds everyone to finish strong because we owe it to ourselves, facts on facts.


Now my question for you is, have you ever tried a spin class and if so how was your experience? Comment down below.

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