Choose What's Real

In 2016 & 2017 I was apart of the Coconut Oil tour in various states within the U.S, being able to converse and answer questions in person is refreshing. Meeting tons of new people who genuinely want to embrace not only their hair but their skin too. 

I had the honor of going to Essence Festival in New Orleans with Palmer's for 2017 & 2018. This year (2018) was extremely special, since I was apart of the fashion show that was introducing everyone to their Natural Fusions line (talk about getting out of your comfort zone and owning it!)

Palmer's is one of those products that not only smell great but also let the results do the talking. In 2016 my hair was blonde, I started doing hair mask and treatments religiously every week to provide moisture and avoid any more breakage. My hair is infatuated with the palmers protein mask, a little goes a long way and that is perfect for those that are not only busy and have little time to spare, as well as inexpensive so you get a bang for your buck. 


Let's also not forget about CurlFest, this is where thousands and I mean thousands of women go to Prospect Park and have a chance to meet their favorite influencers, dance to music, indulge in food for their picnic and spend the day surrounded by other natural haired women that embrace their curls regardless of the negative comments they have encountered. I've been fortunate enough to attend 2017 & 2018 with Palmers and meet women and children of all ages who are beyond over joyed to meet others who have the same struggles yet also have the same love for their hair.