Deva Curl x Sephora

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Hey y’all!

Deva Curl not only has hair salons but also products for all curl types. Our first collaboration together was in 2015, the photoshoot was for the hair kit launch for curly, wavy and super curly gals. I was representing the super curly hair kit which was featured in all Sephora stores.

I continued to create content for Deva Curl in 2016 on my social media platforms. The following year I was featured in a Decadence campaign, allowing me to demonstrate how to use the No-Poo, One Condition, microfiber towel and diffuser.

The most recent collaboration was in April 2018, where I co-hosted for the event #OwnWashDay. It was a meet and greet in Sephora alongside of Christina Vega and Flash Jada. We introduced Deva Curl’s latest product the Wash Day Wonder. There were over 150 attendees, we gave recommendations on how to create the best curly hair regimen for each specific hair type.