Styled Doctor


I had the pleasure of collaborating with StyleDoctors + their stylist @sherlytavarez recently! The agreement was to find as many outfits possible in just ONE HOUR with a $250 budget. We decided to shop in forever 21 in the WestField Mall & still managed to buy a pair of cute red heels in Aldo's, talk about mission accomplished. 

Let's get down to the looks and you let me know which you liked best! Perhaps you'll end up like me and say "All of them were great put it in the bag!"


Look # 1

I was aiming to get outfits that were cute, comfortable, trendy with an edge. This top hands down was my favorite piece, it is definitely something you can put together a multiple of looks that are in my closet!

The shoes stood out to me because of the heel, not too high, not too low.. Adding the red heels to the outfit made everything come together and pop! I'm someone who loves vibrant colors, especially since it is the summer, why not stand out from the crowd.Also, fun fact my favorite colors are yellow + red



Look # 2

Now let me introduce to you @SherlyTavarez we both polka dot lovers, she knew how important implementing color and comfort was for me and she nailed it. I mean c'mon, how gorgeous is this dress, you can wear it for any event, date night or even brunch, thats a win-win!


Look # 3

Are you already debating which is your favorite outfit? Because we aren't done just yet! In NYC you have to take advantage of the summer, if you don't you'll blink and it's the winter again! With that being said cute tops and high waisted flowy pants are definitely coming out to play for 2018.

Yellow is such a fun color to play with for the summer. Shopping with Sherly & @StyleDoctors I left that session extremely happy with the outcome. Now tell me, out of the three looks which one is your favorite. 

P.S I still have two outfits that are in the closet waiting for their moment to shine, stay tuned!