What's in your Halloween Bucket?!


Welcome back everyone!

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Is it me or did Halloween arrive pretty fast this year? Needless to say I am definitely looking forward to seeing how happy the kids are flaunting their costumes.

As a child I remember going to the nearest mall with my cousins and friends from school and spent hours just taking pictures and roaming around gathering as much candy as I possibly could. My eyes would light up anytime I received lollipops or chocolate that were infused with almonds. Between you & I, my eyes still light up when I have that even as as adult haha. P.S I am the little Mickey Mouse in the front

This year I decided to keep my costume on the simpler side and have a 70’s costume. I love the fashion from that decade and the hairstyles of course, hence why I picked my hair, no it’s not a wig bwhahah!


Did you know? Based on a recent ‘Candy Confessions’ survey from Crest, the average parent eats one-fourth of their children’s Halloween candy.


Trick or Treating is the perfect time for children to stack up on candy that will last them quite a while. That said, we can’t neglect the fact that everyone (children and adults)needs to keep their teeth in tip top shape, especially when we heavily indulge in candy during Halloween.

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