Oral Care with Crest

Hey ya’ll thanks for coming back!

I hope you all enjoyed your Valentine’s day, this year my boyfriend and I decided to keep it more simple and relaxing but I definitely indulged in some yummy treats. Now it’s time to get back to the scheduled program with my oral care routine. As great as my edible arrangements were, I don’t want it to linger in my teeth, we all know thats a no no.


A little extra protection never hurt anyone, on our Target run we stocked up on @Crest and used our $2 coupon, saving money is always a plus. I’m glad that my boyfriend uses Crest as well, great minds think alike!


Fun Fact, the coupon for Crest Pro-Health, Complete, or 3-D White can be found in Sunday newspapers nationwide on 2/24 or on Target Cartwheel app #CrestSmiles #CRESTxTarget #AvailableAtTarget