Welcome back to another week of #EdgysTAstyTuesday

For all my pizza lovers, if you have not tried &Pizza I feel sorry for you lol. Not only are their pizza’s amazing but you create your & choose the toppings right on the spot.

With so many different toppings to choose from there is no way that you won’t end up with a yummy pizza pie.


I never thought I would be so excited to mix my own soda concoction. Crystal and I had the Mango Passion Fruit and Pear with Fig elixir.

They give you a list of recommendations of what soda’s taste best when they are blended. I ate half of the pie and took the rest home, I was a happy camper all day.


&Pizza also have an app where you can prep your order in advance and scan the barcode to pay. This not only makes things easier but also you avoid making long lines that you might encounter.