The Meatball Shop


So far I have been to The Meatball Shop three times, trying something different from the menu and falling in love immediately.


To my fellow food lovers, are your taste buds craving some of this food yet? I know mine are! Each time I’ve been here it’s always been with my friend @cryscastles we can’t get enough.

Nom Nom Nom, we have Pizza Meatball, parmesan sauce, mashed potato & crown jewel. And of course three different type of sliders (classic, lobster and pesto), avocado’s and Maine Lobster bowl with lemon butter and spaghetti


You’re given the option to create your own bowl or have plates that are already chosen for you, either as a sandwich or baller plate. Whatever you do you MUST try the mozz and crab cake balls. If you decide to stop by one day, keep me posted on what your thoughts were.