Las Vegas & Arizona



This was the entire mood for the trip, it’s so important to travel with people that are exuding good vibes only. It’s been at least 6 years since my last visit to Vegas, this time around I only spent two days there. Reason being the bulk of our trip was dedicated for Arizona.


We did make sure we paid a quick visit to the Neon Museum, which is where they store and feature old signs that once were seen on the strip.



Our road trip to Arizona was about four hours, we chose to leave at night this way it would be less traffic and we can start our day bright and early once we woke up. Usually I prefer to book my vacations to get out of America, but this time around I wanted to see what beautiful sights we have to offer.


The Lower Antelope Canyon is simply just, wow. Pictures don’t do it enough justice honestly. Kens Tours was no more than an hour for $50.40 per person. The duration of the tour will depend on your pace. The colors and textures left me mesmerized, I never experienced something like this.


We were fortunate enough to miss the rain by one day, usually if it rain’s a lot they have to cancel the tours for that day since the waters get so high that people can not walk around comfortably, it then takes them hours to drain out the water.


I recommend that you drive 15 minutes further and take a moment to see the Horseshoe bend. This is free of charge and a place to see the sunset.

How could nature be so perfect? Don’t let the smiles in the picture fool you, we were SCARED, but we didn’t come this far to not capture a great picture lol.


On the agenda for the next day was to hike the Grand Canyon. Never, I repeat never in a million years did I think I would be doing that. Going down the trail was a whole lot easier than coming back up.

We hiked down approximately 45 minutes and it felt like we were doing it for hours. To hike back up, phew! It definitely was a work out, we took a couple of breaks and thank God for the water and snacks we packed.


You have to be extremely careful while hiking the Grand Canyon, there are no rails and its easy to slip and hasta la vista! Keep in mind that people are hiking going the opposite direction as you and at times people were riding their horses. Which is why you’re going to come across horse feces.

It was October so the temperature was about 45 degrees, at night the temperatures dropped dramatically so we made sure to be done with the hike at a decent time. We were lucky enough that we beat the snow by a day, if it was snowing they would have closed the hike trails.


Crystal was my plus one for the trip, our boyfriend’s couldn’t accompany us so we decided to take cute pictures together.


I am checking things off my bucket list one trip at a time! Till next time Vegas & Arizona, xo

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