Cancun & Playa del Carmen




My birthday in the winter, December 15th, so I always try to find a warm country to celebrate and run away from the brutal NewYork winters. At the end of November 2017, I chose Cancun, Mexico.

My mindset was to soak up some sun while enjoying the all inclusive services, oh and of course to party the nights away. I managed to have 15 of my close friends join me for the fun.


For 5 days the Grand Oasis Resort - all inclusive was our home. The night life consisted bar hopping on the Kulkulcan strip, one bar in particular that we loved was La Vaquita. They played all types of music and cheap deals for drinks.


To take a break from the night life and resort, we rented a catamaran, we had lunch in Isla Mujeres and relaxed in the beach of Playa del Carmen. In between we snorkeled and got a glimpse of the Underground Museum, which has statues. I’ll tell you this much, I don’t know how to swim so you know I was hanging on to dear life on the rope that the tour guide provided. Needless to say the entire trip was a success!




I swear a year goes by so quick, this time for November 2018 we decided to go for a different vibe and ambiance in Mexico. Can you believe our flight and air b & b for five days was no more than $400! We spent most of our time in La Quinta Avenida, a strip with food, shopping centers and walking distance to the beach. We decided that we wanted this trip to be more relaxing yet educational.


Our first stop was Chichen Itza, considered to be one of the 7 wonders of the world. This tour was a total of 10 hours (included commute & lunch) I would still recommend packing water, snacks and an umbrella, it is HOT!

The tour guide went in depth educating us about the Mayan culture, it was amazing to witness such beautiful architecture and to think this was built many years ago when they didn’t have the same resources we have today.


As we strolled down La Quinta Avenida we came across this fish spa offer, $10 for 15 minutes. The first minute felt extremely weird, having these fishes latch on to you, it tickled so we were laughing the entire time. I’ll tell you this much, our feet were silky smooth afterwards.


If we weren’t on the strip you would catch us relaxing in the rooftop pool. Another option would be to spend the day in Kool Beach Club which has a great option for lunch while on the beach.

Let’s talk about where to eat!

A local suggested a restaurant called La Perla, fun fact, on certain nights they have live bands playing. Their service was wonderful, everyone was so friendly and down to earth, we even got a little tequila tasting. I decided to be bold and try something new, I ate crickets!


One of our favorite places to eat was the Alux, the restaurant is inside a cave, yes you read correctly, a cave. At the end of our dinner, we were given a tour, our server gave us a little history class on what happened in the cenote’s/cave’s many years ago.


If you’re anything like me and crystal, you always have a sweet tooth. Across the street from our air b n b there was a small ice cream parlor named Acara Melao, it was delicious!


Let’s talk about this cute brunch spot Pez Vela, you have the option to sit on their swing set by the bar or you can having an amazing view and be seated on the beach.


This 5 day trip was a great mixture of all the components we wanted, tanning, eating, shopping and exploring.

Till next time Mexico, xo

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