Paris & Rome




Ladies and Gentleman, coming to Paris surely was on my bucket list. Not only did I get to finally go but we were able to make my grandmother’s dream come true and celebrate my brother-in-law’s birthday. We decided to stay in Paris for four days, so we made sure we did as much exploring as possible. Sleep? What’s that? lol


My sister Giselle was in charge of booking our tickets for museums and tour buses. My job was to make sure we didn’t get lost and oh find a Colombian restaurant haha. We decided to opt out of taking cabs and take the Paris Metro.

If you’re trying to explore numerous locations without getting lost or spending money on cabs i recommend getting your ticket(s) for Hop on, Hop off tour bus. You’re given a map, headphones to listen and be educated on where you’re going as you arrive to specific stations. You’re given the option to hop off any station and explore or take pictures, once you’re done you go back to the station and hop back on the next bus that should shortly arrive.


Of course we came to visit the Louvre Museum.

The next stop was the Arc of Triumph, it’s a busy street so be careful when taking pictures.Within the area there are tons of stores on the strip for you to eat and shop. Cars are constantly passing and the best place to get a selfie and the arc of triumph behind you is a small strip in the middle of the street, sometimes there is even a line so have your pose ready.


Hello Rome!


After a quick 2 hour flight from Paris to Rome, we started off with some good food and wine. The second day we woke up at 4:30 a.m. You’re probably wondering why so early? It was Easter Sunday, we needed to be in route to the Vatican bright and early to get a good seat to see the Pope. Seating is first come first serve but since we reserved our tickets in advance with an agency we had a better chance getting in first. It was totally worth it, we sat in the third row and when the Pope passed by he was so close it was surreal (check video at the end to see)


On our third day we used the Hop On Hop Off tour bus again, this time around we went to the Colosseum. I was so excited, i’ve read it in my history books and seen it in movies it was a must to check it out. Knowing that years ago this space was used to host fights as entertainment for the king was intense. Thousands of people died in the Colosseum, but they also used it for markets at one point depending on the king.


Ironically enough I don’t have too many pictures from this trip since I captured more video footage. Check out the Vlog so you can get a better idea of how the trip went.

Till next time Paris & Rome, xo

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