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May 30, 2018 was one of the best days of my life, I graduated with my Bachelors from Baruch. My parents always wanted me to finish school and I’m glad I was able to grant that and be an example for my 14 year old nephew.

So you’re probably thinking I went to Spain to celebrate right?Nope! you’re wrong.

My mother, Mimi Ibarra is a salsa singer and composer. She had a couple of performances lined up for Madrid and Barcelona, any chance I get to witness her shows i’m definitely there.

Proud daughter moment, she is the only female in the top 10 list of best latino composers.


We spent two days in Madrid, since we are pressed for time we were constantly on the go prepping for the performance, doing a lot of radio interviews, rehearsal’s and meetings. It’s fascinating to see my mom in her element, she really is my role model.


As true Colombians, we are soccer fans, there are a couple of well known Colombian soccer players that play for Madrid so I had to check this stadium out.


The performance was over but my mom does a meet and greet with her fans so we didn’t leave until approximately 4:30 am. We literally took a two hour nap and off to Barcelona we went. An easy way to get around in Spain is with the train system called the ave. The ave goes at 192 miles per hour, but don’t be fooled it was such a smooth ride.

When my mother wasn’t rehearsing, doing radio interviews or performing we spent our time being tourists. Five minutes away from our hotel we found a station for the Hop on Hop off tour buses.

We gave the Gray Line a try since they had two other color coded buses that will show you around different places of Barcelona, it all depends on what you’re in the mood to see.

Hello Barcelona!


If you’ve read my other travel blogs you know I vouch for the Hop On Hop Off tour buses. In Barcelona they had three different bus options which would take you sight seeing for different things like museums, aquariums, beach and seaport and the shopping area’s.


One of the stops we did was to see La Sagrada Familia, it is a well known church due to its unique architecture and purpose. They began construction 135 years ago and have not finished. You have the option to enter or admire from the exterior, believe me it is a sight to see.


A popular location to stop by is La Rambla, it is referred to as the most famous street in Barcelona. You will see museums, human statues, shopping areas, restaurants, seaport,Columbus Monument and Boqueria Food Market. The Columbus Monument, after his first voyage to the Americas this monument was created.


Spain is known for their infamous Paella’s, they are deeeeelicious! We came across this lovely restaurant called Carmen, ironically enough the servers were all fans of my mother. Everything that they recommended on the menu was great, from the wine to the appetizers and entree’s.

Barcelona has made it to my top 5 list due to the ambiance, the people, food and sight seeing, with that being said…till next time Barcelona, xo

If you would like to see more pictures of what we ordered click here


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