Austin, Texas


Hello Austin!

My friend Jonelle and I have for the past few years, have this habit of picking random locations to explore for a weekend.


My friend Sue who recently moved to Austin, she forgot to mention how extremely hot it was going to be lol. To cool down we decided to spend one day in a pool-lake called Barton Springs. The water was FREEZING but nobody was complaining since it was no less than 104 degrees each day. On opposite sides of this pool-lake there were grass areas to sit and tan, relax or eat.


The next day bright and early, Jonelle and I decided to go river tubing for the first time. It was an all day tour, the time went by so fast without even noticing. The cool thing about this excursion with Atx River Tubing, is it’s byob, as long as it was in a plastic packaging. Each ticket goes for $64 for 6 hours, providing you with the tube, cooler for your drinks/snacks and commute.

Now something that was very convenient for us was the location of our hotel. If you’re trying to be around restaurants and the nightlife in a walking distance then I suggest you stay in the downtown area. They block off the streets on Sixth Street strip during the night so you can bar hop with ease. Rainey Street is also another strip where you can bar hop, now the unique thing about this is they took old homes and kept the exterior and transformed the interior to look like a bar!

Other places that we were considering to check out but had not enough time for are going to be listed down below! Till next time Austin xo

Food: Terry Blacks, East Side King and Launderette

Music: Continental Club & Hotel Vegas

Activities: Krausie Springs & Hamilton Pool