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Allow me to introduce myself

Hey! Thank you for stopping by, I am Edyeliz Ibarra, but you can call me Edgy. Iā€™m a Colombian-American, dog mom and Content Creator/Hair Model born and raised in Queens,NY. I also have my B.A in Corporate Communications with a minor in Psychology.

In January 2014, I took a leap of faith leaving and created @Curly.Edgy. I created my platform to educate and provide knowledge to natural curly haired women on how to maintain their hair the healthiest way possible. As time went by my page transitioned to not only hair care but my lifestyle as a whole.


In March 2019 I decided to take my platform to another level and get out of my comfort zone. I can finally announce and say that I am not only a content creator but also a philanthropist. As the CEO and Founder of #LatinasRiseUp it has truly been an honor to be able to use my platform to make a difference and be apart of something that is completely bigger than myself.

I want to inspire people regardless of the reason they follow me, the main focus is to be the best versions of themselves and leave this world a little better than the way they found it.


Currently my goal is to continue inspiring my audience of all ages encompassing characteristics of woman empowerment, travel adventures, lifestyle and spearheading the natural hair community not only in NYC but all around the world. While reminding women that their wildest dreams can become a reality. When you get a grip of your fears and transform it into motivation, beautiful things begin to happen.