One day in February 2019, I reached out to my friends and pitched an idea of doing a selfless act for my birthday in December. I wanted to raise money and donate it to people in need, especially since my birthday is one week from Christmas. I thought to myself, not everyone has the luxury to have a memorable holiday, why not step in and shine a little bit of light to those that are in need. Instantly their response was “Of Course! what do you need us to do?!”

Right away I figured why stop there, we can do more on a frequent basis. Latinas Rise Up is now a corporation that caters to being the voice for individuals that are underserved that face injustices in different communities.


We do volunteer work as well as host fundraiser events to raise money to donate to the organizations we are collaborating with. This year our focus was Domestic Violence, we are partnered with Domestic and Other Violence Emergencies (DOVE) to help put an end to violent abuse. We are looking forward to our 1st Annual #Unbreakable Fundraiser on October 26th.

Each year, we would like to change our focus allowing us to raise awareness to a variety of issues people face on a daily basis. Hoping to join forces with our audience of all ages, educating and understanding that together we can make a bigger impact.

It is not only extremely humbling but also exciting to be able to work with long term friends that equally share the same passion and interest in making a different not only in NYC but worldwide.

To learn more about who we are and what we are up to, please check out our website


Milagros, Erikat, Gabriela and Noemi… thank you for believing in my vision and joining me to make a difference no matter how big or small. Thank you for whole heartedly investing your time as well as stepping out of your comfort zones. None of this would be possible without you, I love you ladies xo